The suspect in the shooting at the holiday parade in Chicago faces seven charges of first-degree murder.

Robert Crimo, who was arrested on July 4 on suspicion of shooting at a holiday parade in Chicago, was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder on Tuesday.

If Crimo is found guilty, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment without the right of pardon. This was stated at a press conference by Prosecutor Eric Rinehart.

According to the prosecution, Crimo opened fire on the festive crowd from the roof of a local business five minutes after the start of the parade. He fired from a semi-automatic large-caliber rifle and fired more than 70 shots. 45 people were injured by the bullets fired by him, seven of them died.

After that, he dropped the rifle, changed into women’s clothes and fled the scene, heading to his mother’s house.

Crimo took the mother’s car and after that was identified – a local resident called 911. Another rifle was found in the car of Crimo’s mother. In total, he legally purchased five firearms.

According to the representative of the investigation team – Chris Covelli – Crimo had been preparing the attack for several weeks. The motives of the crime are still unknown; there is no evidence that it was committed because of racial, religious or national hatred. There is also no evidence that Krimo had accomplices.

Previously, Crimo twice came into the field of interest of the police. In April 2019, he tried to commit suicide, and in September 2019, he threatened his family members. The police, who arrived at the Crimo house on the second call, seized 16 knives, a dagger and a sword. He was not arrested because the alleged victims refused to write a statement.