Robert Pattinson, who plays Batman in the upcoming DC superhero film, has spoken about his love for Final Fantasy VII and its two characters, Iris Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart.

The actor admitted that in this “love triangle” he adored both of them and, like many players, wanted to be with two. And Pattinson, full of enthusiasm during the conversation, said that the characters show two kinds of girls that can be in your life: Iris is very kind and able to heal everyone, making the world a better place, and Tifa is sexy, especially in her short skirt.

“And then Iris dies, they kill her! And that’s how all the guys understand what love is.

Sitting next to Pattinson, actress Zoë Kravitz, who played the part of Catwoman, jokingly and laughing at the end, asked: “Either the one who heals everything, or the other in a short skirt – are these all options? My God! That’s the problem with this world.”