The world famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki has created a four-legged goat robot. According to Engadget, it is quite suitable for human movement.

At the International Exhibition in Tokyo, Japanese engineers presented to the public a new four-legged robot. Outwardly, it looks like a ibex (lat. Ibex) – a species of wild goats that live in parts of Eurasia and Africa. The robot was named Bex.

As Engadget writes, the engineers sought to create a robot that can overcome difficult terrain. Bex can run on all fours and avoid obstacles on his own.

Kawasaki also confirmed that the goat robot can be used to remotely inspect difficult terrain and dangerous objects. In addition, Becks is easy to adapt for the transport of goods weighing up to 100 kg. But in this case, the upper part of the robot will no longer look like a goat.

In addition to the usual limbs, Becks has wheels that can be brought into the desired position by folding his legs. Then the robot is also suitable for moving quickly on smooth surfaces.