Several hospitals in India have started using robots in hospitals where patients are being treated for COVID-19. They disinfect or connect patients with doctors.

In India, the country with the second highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world, several hospitals have begun using robots to connect patients with their loved ones and assist healthcare providers who are battling the pandemic.

For this purpose, Invento Robotics has developed three robots to perform various tasks – from disinfecting surfaces to answering patient questions and video consultations with doctors.

Of the eight robots that the company has already launched into operation, the most popular model is the Mitra, which means “friend” in Hindi, and it costs about $ 10,000. Using facial recognition technology, the robot can memorize the names and faces of patients with whom it interacted. Mitra can independently move around the hospital, helping patients communicate with relatives and doctors through cameras and a video screen attached to the chest of the device.

“This robot can be a nurse’s or doctor’s assistant, take readings and vital signs, remind of medications,” said Balaji Viswanathan, CEO of Invento Robotics.

A hospital in the northern Indian city of Noida has installed two Mitra robots – one at the entrance to check patients for coronavirus symptoms, and the other in an intensive care unit.

Viswanathan says Invento uses “best-in-class security” for video communications between doctors, patients and their families. For in-depth telemedicine consultations, a booth is built around the robot so that patients can communicate with doctors in confidence.