The Rolls-Royce electric plane has been tested. It reached a top speed of 623 km/h.

Last week, a Spirit of Innovation model took to the skies at the UK Department of Defense Proving Grounds, where the plane reached a top speed of 623 km/h. Rolls-Royce said this makes it not only the fastest electric aircraft, but also the fastest electric vehicle in the world.

The release of the model was announced three years ago. Initially, the Spirit of Innovation model was planned to be the world’s fastest electric aircraft, which would develop a speed of 338 km / h, but its maximum speed is almost twice as high. The aircraft is propelled by an all-electric 500 hp transmission. (400 kW) and a rechargeable battery of 6,000 cells – it would be enough to simultaneously charge 7,500 smartphones. It is considered to be the most energy-intensive of those that have ever been integrated into an airplane.

Spirit of Innovation completed the first tests back in March, and in September a more difficult test phase began. The last flight at Boscoom Down AFB in Wiltshire of the UK Department of Defense culminated in setting new world records.

Rolls-Royce claims that the company’s aircraft surpassed the last record set by Siemens’ electric plane in 2017. The aircraft also broke individual records at distances of 3 and 15 km and in climb speed to 3,000 m (it took Spirit of Innovation 202 seconds, it was ahead of the previous record holder by a minute). Also, during test flights, the electric plane accelerated to 623 km/h. According to Rolls-Royce, this is faster than any electric vehicle in the world. All records are submitted to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale for official certification.