Model Georgina Rodriguez, the fiancee of Juventus football player and Portugal national team Cristiano Ronaldo, posted a provocative photo. The post is available on her Instagram.

The Spanish model covered herself with a handbag. In the publication’s description, she left the phrase: carpe diem (“seize the moment”). The post received over 2.5 million likes per day.

On February 11, it was announced that Rodriguez was involved in an advertising campaign for the Effec brand. As part of it, the Spaniard starred in a video showing a swimsuit. On January 13, Rodriguez posted a photo in her underwear.

Rodriguez has been in a relationship with Ronaldo since 2016. The couple is raising a common daughter Alana Martina, as well as three Portuguese children from surrogate mothers. In 2018, Ronaldo and Rodriguez were announced to be engaged.