According to the authors of the Podcast Now podcast, the new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy could go online as early as March 10th.

One of the former developers of the project, Troy Leavitt, reacted to the statement, who did not confirm or deny the information. But at the same time, he added that such a release window for a new video seems to him quite correct.

Rumors have already appeared that the new trailer for the game should be shown in February or March – since February has come to an end, the chances of a March release have increased. The video will allegedly be dedicated to the various skills and abilities of the characters.

There is no official confirmation of the data, however. Before that, there was information about the possible postponement of the project, but it also exists only at the level of rumors. Hogwarts Legacy itself is being created for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC, and is expected to release later this year.