Now Katy Perry is in a happy relationship with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Still, long before they became a couple, she was married to actor Russell Brand, and only now he spoke about their marriage.

The singer and the British comedian divorced just a year after their wedding in 2010 when Brand filed a lawsuit. But despite their short-lived romance, Russell insists that he was trying to make the relationship work. He confessed this during a live Q&A with fans on TikTok when asked about his ex-wife.

“I really tried in this relationship. I have only positive feelings for her, ”said Russell.

During the breakup, Katie revealed to fans that her husband had informed her about the divorce via text message, and after that, they didn’t even speak. In the later autobiographical film, the artist also explained that their busy work schedule and unpreparedness for children led to the relationship’s collapse.

By the way, they both became parents in the following novels. Russell has two children from his wife Laura, and Katie is the mother of the girl Daisy Dove, whom she gave birth to Orlando. Now Perry is trying to combine motherhood with creativity but emphasizes that he will quit any job for his daughter.