The United States and Russia are starting contacts on the issue of normalizing the work of embassies, and the creation of working groups and their format will be worked out.

“About contacts… Yesterday we all saw that Russian ambassador arrived in Washington, now this work will begin and the formats will be determined, the very thing that the President of the Russian Federation spoke about – the creation of working groups, all this will be worked out,” deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation said, answering the relevant question.

Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden agreed to return the ambassadors to Moscow and Washington at a meeting in Geneva on June 16. Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, who was invited to Moscow in March for consultations amid the deterioration of relations between the two countries, flew to the United States on Sunday morning and arrived at the airport in New York in the afternoon, from where he went to Washington. The US Ambassador to Moscow, John Sullivan, said he would return to Russia soon.