The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a “blacklist” of Canadian citizens who are banned from entering Russia, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Foreign and Defense Ministers Melanie Joly and Anita Anand.

According to the agency, “Canadian” personal sanctions were introduced in response to “all new sanctions feverishly imposed by official Ottawa, competing in Russophobic rage with Washington, which were extended to the top leaders of Russia and almost the entire Russian deputy corps.” Together with the Prime Minister, the heads of the Foreign Ministry and Defense, the majority of deputies of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament and “aggressive pro-Bandera elements” – a total of 313 people – were also banned.

“This step is of a forced nature and was taken in response to the hostile actions of the current Canadian regime, which has been testing our patience for so long, going beyond the bounds of decency. Every Russophobic attack, whether it is attacks on Russian diplomatic missions, the closure of airspace or the actual severance of bilateral economic ties by Ottawa – to the detriment of Canadian interests – will inevitably receive a decisive and not necessarily symmetrical rebuff,” the ministry noted.