Russia is preparing a blow to the US financial system

The United States has enjoyed the benefits of its national currency for many years, which is the most popular financial instrument in the world. This fact allows Americans to accumulate huge debts, run a money printing press at their own discretion, and exert economic pressure on their political rivals.

The latter is evident in the situation with Russia, against which the US government has imposed several packages of sanctions. According to Chinese experts, Moscow’s response to the sanctions will be very painful for the United States. Such conclusions were given by the Sohu publication.

“Russia has begun to take steps to reduce its dependence on the US dollar,” Chinese observers said.

The authors of Sohu stated that the cost of energy carriers is tied to the US dollar, and this allows the US to influence the global fuel market. Russia, as the largest energy power, is not satisfied with this situation at all. It is interested in fact that the cost of oil and gas is no longer tied to the US currency. In this regard, Moscow seeks to conclude contracts for the supply of hydrocarbons in currencies other than the dollar.

Russia’s maneuvers have attracted the attention of other countries, which are also not happy with the current US policy. Even in the EC, more and more people began to think about promoting the euro as an alternative to the dollar. This entire means that Russian de-dollarization is turning into a kind of global trend with rather dubious prospects for the United States. “It is no exaggeration to say that if Russia’s plan works, the US dollar will go down. Because of this, the Americans will have huge problems,” Sohu journalists note. The dollar for the United States is, on the one hand, the strongest trump card, and on the other – one of the most vulnerable places of the American state. Sohu experts compared Russia’s actions to a blow to the American underbelly. According to Chinese experts, the United States hardly thought that Russia’s response to the sanctions would be so unexpected.

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