Russian s-400 deliveries to Turkey will not stop, despite the threat of US sanctions, the contract is already being fulfilled, and first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabarov told.

The US Congress has introduced a bill on sanctions against the Turkish authorities for the purchase of Russian s-400 SAMS, according to a statement on the website of one of the authors of the document, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

“There will be no turning back to the agreements, regardless of any decisions of the Congress. The contract is already being fulfilled,” Jabarov said.

Also, the Senator said, the Turkish President is not the person to succumb to such threats from Washington.

“Erdogan is a stubborn guy, it is unlikely that this will affect him,” he stressed.

As Jabarov stressed, the US Congress is engaged in sanctions policy to the detriment of its legislative work. “It seems that they have already gone mad there with their sanctions. This is what they are doing instead of passing laws,” the Senator said.