Russia will continue to implement its agreements with Damascus on oil supplies to Syria, despite the US pressure, said a member of the international Committee of the Federation Council Oleg Morozov.

“The political defeat in Syria, apparently, encourages the US to return to the idea of regime change in Damascus. Therefore, economic pressure through the overlap of oil supplies becomes an instrument of a new economic war with Syrian President Bashar al – Assad, and indirectly— with Moscow and Iran,” – said “RIA Novosti” Mr. Morozov.

According to him, Russia is acting and will act completely legally and legitimately. “We have an agreement with Syria and, therefore, we decide what and to whom to supply. This will be our response, much more effective than counter— sanctions,” – said the Russian Senator

Earlier it became known tha the Ministry of Finance of the US introduced new sanctions against two Russian companies and one Russian citizen, according to the Agency’s website. Restrictive measures have been taken in connection with the alleged supply of petroleum products to Syria, bypassing Washington’s sanctions.