54-year-old actress Salma Hayek has just recently become part of the big acting family of the MCU. She will play the spiritual leader of the Ajaku Eternals in the upcoming comic book of the same name.

The film was directed by 39-year-old Chloe Zhao, who won two Oscar and Golden Globe awards. Hayek’s participation in the filming was kept under strict secrecy. The actress admits: this caused her a lot of inconvenience.

“The shooting was really intense. Playing in a movie comic strip for the first time is like marrying a guy you’ve never met, ”the star said in an interview for USA Today.

In addition, Salma had to get used to the huge helmet worn by her character in the film.

“A nightmare. It doesn’t even fit in the car. We arranged “dancing with a tambourine” to drag him there. Putting it on is also very difficult. I really had a headache,” she added.

“The Eternals” will be released on November 5 this year. According to the plot, the action of the film will take place immediately after the events of “Avengers: Endgame”. The Eternals are an ancient race that lives in secret on Earth.