IFixit has finally gotten to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but their maintainability score is not at all happy.

So, the analysis of the smartphone showed that the model’s vulnerability is a large amount of glue. The back cover, display and battery are firmly adhered to the case, making it difficult to repair and replace parts. In addition, the display cable is not modular, which also complicates replacement.

The lid and panel of the camera unit are also abundantly sprinkled with glue, but the camera glass can be easily replaced without disassembling the smartphone completely. For example, you can paint it in a different color to make your gadget stand out from the rest.

There are other pluses as well. All screws are standard and do not require any special tools, and most of the components are modular.

Despite this, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra received only 3 out of 10 points for maintainability.