During the event dedicated to Samsung’s Q2 financial results, company representatives talked about their progress on 200-layer V-NAND flash memory chips. These will be the first chips of this kind in the entire industry.

The event took place last Thursday, with the Korean giant posting a 54 percent increase in operating profit as well as a 20 percent increase in sales driven by its core electronics business. These numbers will continue to rise in the near term, although supply disruptions may persist due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Han Jin-man, senior vice president and curator of Samsung’s memory division, said that the company has already developed 200-layer (and this number may still grow) eighth generation V-NAND memory chips, which are currently being prepared. launch of a production line to bring them to the market. “176-layer chips will remain the mainstream NAND product until 2022. And according to the approved 10-year plan, we are working on the next generation V-NAND chip,” said Mr. Khan.

Samsung is improving its V-NAND flash memory technologies to secure its leadership and sharpen competition with its closest competitor, US company Micron, which released the world’s first 176-layer NAND chips last November. In the second half of the year, Samsung plans to announce SSDs based on 176-layer V-NAND chips, which, according to the developer, will receive the industry’s smallest memory cells.