Samsung has announced that it will stop showing ads in its branded apps on smartphones. This is reported by the Korean publication Naver.

Journalists refer to the words of the president and head of Samsung’s mobile division Tae Moon Roh (TM Roh), spoken at an internal conference of the company. Answering questions from users of Samsung equipment, Ro said that the corporation decided to disable the display of advertising in a number of applications on phones. These include the Samsung Pay payment application, the built-in weather service and Samsung Theme.

“We were looking for new growth opportunities in the field of content and advertising services, such as games and media, to strengthen the integrated experience of the Galaxy ecosystem,” said the top manager. However, Roh stressed that the corporation could not ignore the wishes of Samsung smartphone users.

“We will do everything possible to provide useful information that customers need through search and recommendations in the content service or the Galaxy store,” the representative of the Korean corporation summed up. Apparently, the ads will be removed with the next update of the One UI Software system shell.

The journalists recalled that advertising banners appeared in Samsung smartphones last summer.