Samsung has developed a new flexible OLED screen. Its peculiarity is that it can be bent more than 200,000 times, and no traces of use will remain. It is reported by the Digit News portal.

Representatives of the South Korean brand have assured that in a normal use scenario, the folding display will be able to work for about five years. Samsung’s new OLED screen is covered with ultra-thin UTG glass. Its peculiarity is that it does not have a “memory effect” and does not form folds when used and folded multiple times. The manufacturer claims that this is enough for five years.

According to the details that Samsung publishes, the new smartphone models will have a revolutionary folding radius or bending radius of 1.4R (1.4mm). This reduces the complexity of the hinge design and costs, and also minimizes folding pressure. For comparison, in similar smartphones from other market representatives, this value is fixed at the 5 mm mark. This feature will not only simplify the folding mechanism, but also reduce the cost of its manufacture.

According to Samsung’s usual schedule, they will unveil related new items in the coming months. The next product will obviously be a new foldable smartphone.