US Senator Bernie Sanders on Monday proposed to reform the rules of campaign finance, promising to “transform the political system” of the country by limiting the financial influence of large corporations.

Sanders, one of 19 contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, proposes replacing the Federal election commission with a “real law enforcement Agency” and banning corporate sponsorship of party conventions and inauguration ceremonies.

“When we win the democratic nomination and defeat Donald Trump, we will transform our political system by putting an end to the influence of corporate money,” Sanders’ campaign office said in a statement.

Sanders also proposes an amendment to the Constitution to make it clear that “money is not words and corporations are not people.” This is aimed at undermining Supreme Court decisions allowing unlimited funding through tax-exempt political action committees and influence groups.

An amendment to the Constitution requires two-thirds of legislators in both houses of Congress to support it and two-thirds of States to ratify it. Leading Republicans, including Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, oppose most attempts to limit campaign funding.

Meanwhile, 78-year-old Sanders is recovering from recent health problems that forced him to cancel campaign events last week.
On Friday, the Senator’s campaign staff said he had suffered a heart attack but would soon resume campaigning.