According to an analysis by CNN, he gets 46.2% of the vote.

NEW YORK – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won a landslide victory over the other contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination at the party’s activist Caucuses, which ended on Saturday in Nevada. With this assessment made by the TV Company CNN, NBC, ABC, The Associated Press, and leading Newspapers.

At meetings of party activists, called Caucuses, delegates are selected who will support a particular candidate for the Democratic or Republican presidential nomination at the upcoming national conventions of the parties.

According to an analysis by CNN, Sanders gets 46.2% of the votes of party activists. Former US Vice President Joseph Biden is in second place with a visible gap (23.6%), while former mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Pete Buttejadj (13.9%) is in third place. Next up are Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (8.9%) and California billionaire Tom Steyer (3.7%).

These materials reflect data received from more than 23% of the sites. The balance of power may change as the results of the Caucuses are processed. However, all the leading media unanimously give victory to Sanders. “When we are together, we can do everything,” the Senator said at a rally before flying to San Antonio (Texas).

Another billionaire, Mike Bloomberg in Nevada is not running.

Speaking at a rally in Texas, Sanders said that in Nevada, his team “just assembled a multi-age multi-racial coalition that will win not only in the state, but across the country.” The rally was broadcast by CNN.

His closest competitor, Biden, said he was happy with the result in Nevada, but hopes to win the next primary in South Carolina.