In Greek Athens, Santa Clauses staged a mass race. Hundreds of winter wizards ran a two-kilometer distance. The ticket for the race cost 12 euros – the proceeds will be sent to charity.

The traditional Santa Clauses march SantaCon was held in New York. Last year, the event was canceled due to the pandemic, but now the city authorities have decided to resume the tradition.

Hundreds of people put on Christmas costumes. The mummers united in companies and went to bars. Some drinking establishments even formed queues. More than 35 bars participate in the festival. The organizers are asking for a small donation – for just $ 14 you can get to all the events of the holiday.

Even the strict restrictions imposed by the governor of New York State the day before did not prevent the holiday. According to the new requirements, all people aged two and older must wear masks in public spaces. But apparently, these rules do not apply to wizards.

All proceeds will be directed to charitable organizations.