Sarah Jessica Parker surprised fans with a snapshot of her daughters

“Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker delighted fans with a snapshot of her own twin daughters – Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell. The other day, the schoolgirls finished 6th grade, and their star mother in Instagram hastened to brag about it.

“Goodbye, sixth grade. Greetings to our growing seventh graders,” she wrote.

It is noteworthy that the picture was taken by the actress almost surreptitiously. It was this nuance that allowed the audience to fully appreciate how similar the girls are.

So, in the adjacent frames, you can see that Tabitha and Marion Loretta prefer an identical style of clothing, buy the same backpacks and almost completely copy each other’s gait.

For many, this feature of girls was a surprise, because usually twins tend to stand out, emphasizing their individuality as much as possible.

“It just doesn’t happen”, “What big children are already!”, “They are growing so fast! I hope they will have the coolest summer ”,“ These girls have great taste ”,“ Married brides ”,“ It’s immediately obvious that mom is a star. Because daughters are also lights “,” Think, I did not even know that she had a daughter. And then there are two more ”,“ You must be a wonderful mother, ”they wrote.

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