Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced the creation of OXAGON, a floating city that will operate entirely on clean energy.

This week, Saudi Arabia announced the construction of an octagonal city called OXAGON. It will sail off the coast of the Red Sea and run only on clean energy. OXAGON is part of the NEOM project, which aims to redefine the way humankind lives and works in the future, providing a more sustainable alternative. Now it is a whole region, OXAGON will be located on its outskirts.

According to the press release, OXAGON will embody the principles of living in harmony with nature and will become one of the most technologically advanced logistics centers in the world with modern integrated connections with seaports and airports. Everything will run on 100% clean energy.

The city will also be equipped with the most advanced technologies used today – the Internet of Things (IoT), man-machine fusion, artificial intelligence and robotics. It will serve pure energy industries – sustainable energy and manufacturing, including food, autonomous mobility, as well as digital manufacturing (including telecommunications, space technology and robotics) and modern construction methods.

The press release did not specify how much it will cost to build this extremely futuristic city. However, it is mentioned that the city will work closely with NEOM to provide services.