38-year-old comedian and screenwriter of the Saturday Night Live television show, Colin Jost, released A Very Punchable Face memoirs, telling in a book about many events of his life, since childhood to the engagement with 35-year-old Scarlett Johansson. He is connected with a Hollywood star by a three-year romance, and the couple are already confidently moving to the wedding. Talking to the press about the new book, Colin shared his thoughts on a serious relationship.

‘You can often hear that marriage or relationships is a difficult thing, but not always the case. In many cases, it can be fun and easy. Living together, it seems to me, should make relationships better, not harder. Just unhappy people talk loudly about themselves, so they are better heard. And the happy ones think that they don’t need to tell anyone at all. They just enjoy their happiness, ‘ Colin said.

In December 2019, Scarlett Johansson thanked Saturday Night Live for getting to know the love of her life – as she called Jost. He and Johansson first met on the set of the program in 2006, but the romance began only in 2017. Last spring, it became known about their engagement.