American scientists have come close to creating an artificial sun. Experts have achieved a record power output of energy in the course of a thermonuclear reaction.

This was reported at the National Complex for Laser Thermonuclear Reaction of the United States, on the territory of which 192 lasers focused at one point were placed. As part of the new experiment, scientists managed to produce 25 times more energy than in the previous attempt.

During the reaction, 1.3 mJ of energy was released. Scientists have been pursuing this for ten years. Now they intend to achieve a self-sustaining thermonuclear reaction.

The experiment used fuel made from hydrogen isotopes, deuterium and tritium. The diameter of the tablet was several millimeters. After igniting at a temperature of more than 3 million degrees, the fuel turned into plasma, and the shock wave compressed it to a point the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of a human hair.