Scientists have called on the Australian authorities to vaccinate 80 percent of citizens against coronavirus as soon as possible to return to normal life. According to the ABC TV channel, this bar was set by the analytical center at the University of Melbourne.

According to the researchers, as soon as 80 percent of the population is vaccinated in the country, Australia will “get along” with COVID-19. With such a percentage of vaccinated people will not stop getting infected with the coronavirus, but severe cases will become rare. If the necessary indicators are achieved, it is possible to remove the lockdown by the end of 2022.

The researchers also recommended that the Australian authorities use incentive measures. They believe that the federal government should introduce a lottery with a prize fund of $ 80 million. Scientists suggest starting the drawing in November when the problem with the supply of vaccines will be solved. The lottery will be held once a week. The winner from among the people vaccinated against COVID-19 will receive $ 10 million.

In addition, local authorities called for issuing “vaccination passports” for air passengers on domestic flights and hotel customers, visitors to sports facilities, and participants of entertainment events.