Samara scientists have developed an installation for converting the noise of power plants into electricity, the press service of the university reports.

Electricity is made from noise by a special installation, which, in the future, can be used in the exhaust systems of powerful propulsion systems of railway locomotives, large sea vessels or reciprocating compressors.

The main point of our idea is to use the energy of sound waves that propagate in the exhaust systems of various power plants – engines and compressors. That is, we are talking about noise. Typically, various energy absorption methods are used to dampen noise in exhaust systems. We propose to utilize this energy, to use it, thereby we simultaneously reduce the noise level of the exhaust system and receive additional electrical energy from the utilized sounds, albeit small, but still.

Artem Shimanov, Senior Lecturer, Department of Heat Engineering, Samara University

The development, he believes, will not only make engines less noisy and safer for human health in the future, the noise damper will also reduce the load on the engine exhaust system, which will reduce the size and material consumption of exhaust system structures, that is, due to this, the engines should become as a whole smaller and lighter.

The studies are planned to be completed next year, after which a demonstration sample of the installation with a metal waveguide will be manufactured and work will begin to put this development into practice.