Estonian scientists have created a nasal spray that protects against all the main strains of COVID-19 – the original Wuhan variant, the “delta” variant of Indian origin, and the British, South African, and Brazilian variants.

“Laboratory studies have now confirmed that the developed nasal spray protects equally well against all strains of coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization, which are of the greatest concern,” said Mart Ustav Jr., scientific director of Icosagen, a company engaged in genetic engineering.

According to him, the team of researchers is constantly monitoring changes in the virus and testing the BioBlock spray for the ability to neutralize those strains that have not yet become widespread.

It is noted that from a legal point of view, BioBlock is not a medicine or a medical device. Still, the spray and information about it were agreed with the Department of Medicines and the Department of Health.

The product technology is patented. BioBlock Nasal spray is manufactured and sold by Chemi-Pharm.