Scientists have destroyed the myth of the link between vitamin D and the severity of COVID-19

A collaborative team of scientists from five countries has proven that vitamin D is useless as a preventive measure against SARS-CoV-2.

Scientists from Canada’s McGill University, along with colleagues from Japan, Israel, Italy and the UK, conducted a large-scale genetic study that did not reveal any connection between vitamin D levels and susceptibility to coronavirus.

The authors studied 4,134 people with COVID-19 and 1,284,876 people without COVID-19 from 11 countries using Mendelian DNA randomization to determine if a genetic predisposition to higher vitamin D levels is associated with less severe disease outcomes.

Most studies on the association of vitamin D with coronavirus infection are very difficult to interpret because they do not take into account such known risk factors for severe COVID-19 as old age, hospitalization, the presence of chronic diseases, which are also predictors of low vitamin D. The best way to answer the question on the effects of vitamin D – these are randomized trials, but they are complex, resource-intensive, and time-consuming, which is not the case during a pandemic. Mendelian randomization can provide a clearer understanding of the role of risk factors because it minimizes potential bias.

Guillaume Butler-Laporte, Study Director

The authors note that over the past year, there have been several studies on this topic with conflicting results or with the statement that increasing the amount of vitamin D consumed increases the degree of protection against COVID-19. However, none of the authors explained the mechanism of communication.

As a result of their extensive work, the authors did not find out the relationship between the level of vitamin D and the severity of the course of the coronavirus.

However, the authors note, their findings do not apply to people with vitamin D deficiency who need to take vitamin D supplements in a pandemic.

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