The fifth-generation Cray X waterproof exoskeleton supports your lower back during lifting and is equipped with a walking assist system.

Last year, German Bionic developed the fourth generation of the Cray X exoskeleton on a carbon fiber frame. The fifth generation has now been announced and is reportedly the first of its kind to support the whole body. The company says its exoskeleton platform has already proven itself in companies such as BMW and IKEA and DPD.

The fifth-generation Cray X features a carbon fiber frame, IoT functionality and smart factory integration from its predecessor model, but with a more powerful 40V battery, it is reportedly can be swapped out quickly to keep the production line running non-stop.

The new model not only protects the lower back, but also offers active walking assistance. When a worker wears an exoskeleton, he can easily lift loads weighing up to 30 kg. The Cray X is also compatible with smart factories and is equipped with an artificial intelligence-based safety system that warns if a worker is lifting the load incorrectly and has an incorrect posture.