Scientists have discovered a new species of lizards, similar to small dragons

In the rainforest of the Andes in Central Peru, a new species of colorful lizards has been found.

The authors of the new work found a new species of lizard in the tropical Andes, in the region of the Huallaga River in Central Peru: it was named Enyalioides feiruzae, it belongs to the Feiruzae family.

The authors note that the species resembles a small dragon. Lizards belonging to it are distinguished by a variety of colors.

The dorsum of males can be brown-turquoise, gray, greenish-brown with white lines. Females are also quite bright: their body is colored greenish-brown with faint dark brown lines on the back, limbs and tail, as well as spots on the sides.

The species has its own special scale shape and a black spot in the pharynx. Typically, representatives of the species live on bushes and trees at a height of 20 to 150 cm.

The Amazon, where the new species was found, is one of the most densely populated areas on Earth in terms of biodiversity: it has yet to be fully explored.

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