Scientists at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered a protein that allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight with the help of sebaceous glands. This is stated in a study published in the journal Science. This is the first-ever method of losing weight, which involves the proteins of the immune system, and not hormones.

The discovery was made unexpectedly. Experts studied the proteins of the immune system associated with the development of allergies. In particular, they were looking for signaling molecules responsible for suppressing allergic reactions and controlling the body’s response to insulin.

During the experiment on rodents, the researchers ‘ attention was attracted by the TSLP protein, which suppressed allergies and prevented the development of type 2 diabetes in mice suffering from extremely severe forms of obesity. Further observations showed that TSLP not only reduced their immunity to insulin but also dramatically reduced their body weight.

During the month of the experiment, the weight of the mice decreased almost twice — from 45 to 25 grams, which is the norm for healthy individuals. Then the scientists conducted a detailed analysis of the effect of the protein on the body. It turned out that this substance did not affect the rodents ‘ brains or their fat deposits but the sebaceous glands in their skin. TSLP dramatically increased the activity of sebocytes — cells that produce skin fat, which forced the mice’s body to constantly transport lipids from fat deposits to the sebaceous glands, from where they almost immediately left the rodents’ bodies.

Shortly, scientists plan to test whether this method of weight loss is effective for humans as well.