Scientists have discovered the nature of an unusual star escaping from the Milky Way

Astronomers from Boston University have figured out the possible nature of the strange star LP 40-365. It flies through the galaxy at a speed of about two million kilometers per hour – enough to leave the Milky Way galaxy.

Object LP 40-365 itself cannot even be called a full-fledged star. It is rather its remnant, which was previously in the binary system. However, due to the supernova explosion, it received a powerful push. The research results are published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Now the object LP 40-365 escaping from the Milky Way is at a distance of about 600 parsecs or 2 thousand light years. It moves at a speed of about 600 km / s. Astronomers note the star’s remnant has an unusual chemical composition. So, it is highly metallic: basically, the object contains only elements heavier than hydrogen and helium, which are products of nuclear reactions during a supernova explosion. After conducting their research, the scientists found that LP 40-365 is a debris from a star left over from a type Iax supernova explosion.

Astronomers analyzed data from the Hubble and TESS space telescopes and found that the object rotates once every nine hours. LP 40-365 is the remnant of a white dwarf that exploded after taking on too much mass pulled from a companion star. This is indicated by the relatively low rotation speed of the object.

Supernovae of type Iax (SN Iax) are the largest class of unusual (peculiar) supernovae produced by white dwarfs.

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