Researchers at the University of Valencia have discovered a source of high-energy cosmic rays. It is located successfully and can be observed using devices on Earth.

Researcher at the Institute for Corpuscular Physics (IFIC) Salesa Greus has discovered very high-energy photons from a galactic source that can produce powerful cosmic rays. The scientists were able to confirm the discovery using telescopes such as KM3NeT or IceCube.

These tools allow you to collect information about the most visible phenomena occurring in the universe. Gamma rays are generated in highly energetic phenomena, such as during supernova explosions. They are made up of high-energy photons that are absorbed when they come in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, making them difficult to observe.

According to this study, gamma rays are the result of the interaction of cosmic rays with molecules of a high density substance – a molecular cloud.

Now both telescopes will work to confirm the results obtained by the researchers. The devices will observe them as a product of the interaction of high-energy cosmic rays with matter and radiation at its source.

“The observations make this source an obvious candidate for the emission of high-energy neutrinos. The advantage of our source is that it is located in the southern hemisphere of the firmament, which is the part of the sky where KM3NeT is most sensitive, ”the scientists noted.