Scientists have found the remains of a giant ancient turtle that lived in South America between 7 million and 13 million years ago. This is reported by the BBC regarding a study by paleontologists from Columbia University Rosario in Bogota.

The huge ancient turtle Stupendemys geographicus was first discovered in the 1970s, but until now, scientists knew little about this species. The length of individuals could be more than 4 m, and the weight – more than 1.2 t. It is Assumed that they lived on the bottom of lakes and rivers, and ate small crocodiles and fruits.

The new remains of Stupendemys geographicus were found in the Tatacoa desert in Colombia-they consist of a 3 m long shell and fragments of the lower jaw.

Stupendemys geographicus is the second-largest known ancient turtle. The largest creature of this type is the sea turtles archelons, who lived 70 million years ago — their size could reach at least 4.6 m.

Recently, biologists managed to teach modern giant turtles tricks. It turned out that these animals are well trained, and due to their longevity, they will remember them for decades.