Scientists have found that British medical workers in contact with “COVID” patients have special immunity to the coronavirus, which cannot be determined through antibody tests. This is stated in a study published in the scientific journal Nature.

They conducted a study of the immunity of about 60 employees of one of the clinics in the UK for the level of antibodies and latent infections. According to the results of the tests, it turned out that for four months their PCR tests were always negative, but no antibodies to the coronavirus were found in their blood, even if their colleagues at the clinic were infected with COVID-19.

After studying the blood of the subjects, the scientists determined an increased concentration of T cells in 20 of them, and in 19 people they found an additional immune protein called IFI27. Theoretically, it may indicate that their body has previously been in contact with COVID-19.

Scientists suggest that the immunity of such people reacts so quickly to the coronavirus that it cannot even leave antibodies behind. At the same time, such powerful protection could well have developed after medical workers came into contact with other previously known human coronaviruses that cause colds.