In a new study, a group of scientists indirectly proved volcanic activity on Venus.

An international team of scientists found traces of possible volcanic activity on Venus. They explored the 2.5 km long Idunn Mons volcano. In an article published in The Planetary Science Journal, they talk about the progress of the study, but note that their findings should confirm the data of new missions that will be sent to Venus.

As part of the work, the researchers studied data from the Venus Express orbiter, which orbited the planet from 2006 to 2014 and provided information about what the lava flows around Idunn Mons looked like.

Scientists have discovered a change in winds around the volcano. Perhaps this was due to the high temperature when it erupted. This means it is still active. Also from Idunn Mons came inexplicable signals that, as scientists suggest, may be associated with volcanic activity.

In the future, the researchers hope that their theory will be proved by data from two planned missions to Venus – VERITAS and DAVINCI +. If the hypothesis of scientists is proven, it will explain how Venus lost its oceans and became so inhospitable – this was due to hyperactive eruptions of huge volcanoes.