Scientists from the UK have identified a new category of people who are increasingly becoming victims of coronavirus infection. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

The disease affects patients aged 40 years and older who refused to be vaccinated. It is noted that some of them were quite healthy and did not have concomitant diseases complicating the course of the infection.

Experts explained the mortality among those who received the vaccine by several factors. About five percent of people do not have an immune response to the drug, and the same number of people will react poorly to the effect of the vaccine due to health problems that threaten the immune system. This group includes patients with a transplant. They take serious doses of drugs that suppress the mechanisms of fighting infections in the body. In addition, this category includes people with blood cancer, experts said.

Experts also recalled that age remains a risk factor for coronavirus. Although vaccination significantly reduces the mortality rate from COVID-19, the risk for a 70-year-old person is 32 times higher than for a 35-year-old, the doctors summed up.