See a yacht that floats and flies in helium-filled airships

The air yacht from Lazzarini Design is presented: it is designed for travel by sea or sky. The structure is supported by two airships filled with helium.

The designers abandoned the traditional design of a single-large balloon airship. Instead, two were used, so the air yacht looks more like a giant catamaran with two 150m long airships that are connected by an 80m long central deck.

The center deck is 10m wide and accommodates the master cabin with 360 degree views, large dining and living area. There are also windows on the outer edges of the airships, each with five en-suite cabins.

The airships can hold 400,000 m² of compressed helium, which allows the ship to fly at a speed of 111 km/h for 48 hours. Also, the structure is equipped with eight rotating electric rotors on the sides. They are powered by ultralight batteries and solar panels that sit on top of the entire structure.

To descend to land or water, an air yacht uses engines. In this case, the system of fastening helium and ballast is depressurized, keeping it on the water. The device moves through the water at a speed of 9 km / h. There is also space for an additional helipad on the upper part of the central deck.

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