The Chinese private company Deep Blue Aerospace launched a rocket at 100 meters and landed successfully.

The Chinese company Deep Blue Aerospace began testing its demonstrator rocket back in the summer: the developers checked whether it could make a jet landing. Then the Nebula-M rocket took off 10 m and landed back on the launch pad.

Now the specialists sent the same prototype on a flight again, but already at an altitude of 100 m.

The published video shows that the rocket took off with the landing legs open and hovered in the air for several seconds. After that, she slowly descended and touched the landing pad:

The rocket prototype has an engine that runs on kerosene and liquid oxygen. Its launch was carried out as part of the development of a full-fledged Nebula-1 launch vehicle: its diameter will be 2.25 m.The first flight was planned for 2023.

It is assumed that Nebula-1 will be able to launch 500 kg of cargo into a 500-km sun-synchronous orbit.

The developers noted that they plan to create a reusable Nebula-2 launch vehicle, it will be more powerful and will launch up to 4.5 tons of cargo into orbit.