Eyewitnesses filmed a bright trail from the meteorite, it was visible in the sky over the province of Canada.

The outbreak was visible on December 8, 2021 in the evening in Central Alberta. It was most likely a meteorite that crossed the atmosphere, scientists from the University of Edmonton said. Now they want to find out where he landed.

Eyewitnesses saw a fireball of bright green or white, it crossed the sky at 20:45. Other residents of southern Edmonton and Beaumont reported hearing noise so loud that buildings moved.

Chris Heard, a meteorite expert and professor at the University of Alberta, said the videos he saw appear to be a meteorite from the asteroid belt. Previously, it revolved around the sun. As it passed through Earth’s atmosphere, it created a sonic boom before falling.

Also on October 10, in the evening, a fireball flew over the United States: it moved from south to southeast.