Earlier, the chief negotiator from the Republicans in the Senate, John Cornyn, refused to participate further in the debate.

Lawmakers disagree on the most important issues related to gun control, which are currently being discussed in Congress. This was stated on Sunday by a Republican senator, questioning hopes for the adoption of the first federal law on weapons in decades.

“The problem we’re facing is that we don’t have a bill,” said Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah, speaking on Fox News.

“I kept asking to see the text, and it became obvious that they didn’t have it, and in fact they had nothing to offer,” Lee explained.

The problem of combating gun violence has once again become the focus of attention of lawmakers after two tragic incidents last month. One occurred at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, the second at an elementary school in Uvalde Texas.

Last week, John Cornyn, the Republican lead negotiator involved in the Senate’s efforts to draft a bipartisan gun safety bill, declined to participate in the debate, while the Democratic lead negotiator remains hopeful that lawmakers will be able to vote on the bill before leaving for a two-week recess on July 4.