In early February, rumours appeared in the press about the engagement of 29-year-old actress Shailene Woodley and 37-year-old American football player Aaron Rogers. Yesterday, on the evening show with Jimmy Fallon, the star herself finally confirmed that she was marrying Aaron.

I’ve read all this news, and it’s funny … Yes, we are really engaged. But this is not news to us. Everyone is going crazy about it now while we think, “Oh, we’ve been engaged for a while.” First, Aaron is just a wonderful and incredible person. However, I never thought that I would marry someone who would make money throwing balls. For example, when I was little, I never thought: “Yes, I will grow up and marry someone who throws balls!” But he’s really very good at it, – said Woodley about her fiancé.

Shailene also admitted that Aaron adores her dog: according to the actress, the dog really likes to play ball with Rogers because he can throw him at a very long distance:

When I first met Aaron, my dog ​​must have thought, “If you don’t date this guy, I’ll disown you as a mother. The three feet that I run with you playing ball is nothing. compared to the marathon, I can run with Aaron. “

At the same time, Shailene clarified that she had not yet been to any of her lover’s games. The fact is that their relationship began right in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic when all stadiums were closed, and matches were cancelled.

We met at that stupid time when the stadiums he was playing were closed, so I hadn’t been to a match with him yet. In fact, as a child, I was far from sports, especially American football. This has never been part of my interests. When we met, I knew that he was a football player, but I didn’t know what kind of football he was doing. I am still constantly learning.

Aaron is very nice. He is great. But I don’t know him as a footballer. I know him as a nerd who watches TV quizzes. This is exactly the guy I know, Shailene shared.

Recall that the romance of Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rogers became known in early February, while for a long time, they did not advertise their relationship. Just days after that, the American football player sparked an engagement rumour to Shailene: during the virtual NFL MVP Award ceremony, he announced that he had recently become engaged. After the news of Woodley and Rogers’s engagement, friends from the close circle of the couple confirmed. According to friends, Shailene and Aaron are incredibly happy with each other.