29-year-old actress, Shailene Woodley had an affair with 37-year-old professional American football player Aaron Rogers. According to an insider, the couple kept their relationship secret and did not advertise it.

The couple’s romance is tested by distance: while the actress is now filming in Canada, the athlete lives in the United States, playing for his Green Bay Packers at the national championship.

They saw each other and kept in touch. They continue to chat and date whenever they can. They are both focused on their careers, but at the same time making time for each other, the insider said.

How long the couple’s romance continues is unknown. Aaron Rogers met with American race car driver Danica Patrick for two years. He also had an affair with actress Olivia Mann.

As for Shailene, in 2017 she was caught kissing rugby player Ben Volavola. But last April, the Big Little Lies star said they had broken up. Shailene noted that they were very close to marriage and having children, but she realized that she was not yet ready to devote herself to this.