Even though there is almost a whole month before the onset of the calendar spring, 43-year-old Shakira has already decided to add bright colours to her life.

The singer, who has remained faithful to her image for years, opted for hot pink. Shakira shared the result of a bold beauty experiment on her Instagram page, publishing the first photo with a new hairstyle.

Voila! – the star briefly signed the picture.

Later, the singer also posted a short video on her Instagram in which she showed how she styled her hair and told subscribers that she dyed her pink. Perhaps the unexpected change in Shakira’s image is because the other day she celebrated her birthday and decided to change something in herself for a holiday radically.

Most fans appreciated the star’s new hairstyle, noting that she began to look even brighter and more beautiful with it.

Recall that Shakira decided several times to radically change her image over the decades of her stage career. At the beginning of her career, she wore dark hair, then dyed blonde and fiery red, and for the last few years, she has been devoted to light brown. And if the star at one time experimented a lot with colouring, then she always left the length of her hair unchanged.