Acting defense Minister confirmed that the White House demanded to remove from sight the ship “John McCain” during Trump’s visit to Japan.

The acting head of the Pentagon Patrick Shanahan demanded on the military officers to observe political neutrality.

“All members of the Department of defense, both military and civilian personnel, have vowed to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, – says Shanahan’s Memorandum. It was sent to all Pentagon employees and military officials abroad. – Our mission – to protect and to defend the country – is apolitical.”

Shanahan confirmed on Sunday that the White House demanded that the ship “John McCain” was out of sight during a visit to Japan by President Donald Trump – a political rival of the late Senator McCain.

The President’s office contacted the Japanese-based Seventh fleet of the US Navy and gave “instructions of removing the John McCain”.

In response to a request from journalists to comment the Memorandum, Shanahan said that after the situation with John McCain, he wanted to “remind everyone that we will not politicize the armed forces.”

“Think of all the trips that could happen. Think about the period we are entering, – he said, referring to the upcoming presidential primaries in 2020. – So there’s nothing wrong with a reminder.”