Earlier, journalists reported on the relationship of the actress with the 25-year-old musician.

Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone, 63, has revealed the truth about her romance with 25-year-old rapper RMR. Recently, foreign media published a photo in which Sharon cuddles with a dark-skinned musician and fools around with him, pulling on a mask with slits on his face. It was reported that Stone and RMR have been increasingly appearing in public lately, and Stone herself looks extremely happy.

After what they saw among the fans, the actresses began to disperse other details, many of which were not confirmed.

The other day, the paparazzi caught Stone walking with his own son. Reporters rushed to ask the star personally if she was really happy in a relationship again. The answer made Sharon fans upset.

“Of course not,” Stone denied all speculation.

The son of Sharon herself could not resist laughing. So, wedging into the conversation between his mother and the press, Roan joked: “Could you ask an even more ridiculous question?”