Shawn Mendes speaks about the joys of living in quarantine with Camila Cabello

In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Shawn Mendes shared his impressions of the quarantine and noted that “something nice” happened to him during this time.

“The pandemic and the isolation were quite frightening and difficult, but something very pleasant happened to me: you can’t go anywhere. There was calm. I went to Miami and lived with Camila, her parents and sister. The first week I panicked, thought that I would not be able to finish my album. And then I calmed down and realized how great it was to spend the night in one place every time, watch movies, cook dinner with my family, do the laundry. I know it sounds pretty silly, but when you’ve been on tours since the age of 15 … I’ve already forgotten how freshly washed laundry smells. It smells very nice, soothing. You feel like an adult, ”shared Sean.

“This calmness brought to the surface all the worries that need to be worked out. There was a lot of time to reflect on life. And for the first time, I thought about someone other than myself. For the first time, I was not loaded with what people think of me. For the first time, I calmed down and thought about what is happening in the world, how I feel about this and where it will lead. This is the best gift I have ever received in my life, ” concluded Mendes.

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