The Deputy Secretary of State linked this to the pressure that the United States is exerting on Vladimir Putin.

Russia is showing signs of readiness to participate in meaningful negotiations on Ukraine – although today Moscow is seeking to “destroy” its neighbor, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said on Sunday.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Sherman stressed that the United States is exerting “tremendous pressure” on Russian President Vladimir Putin to agree to a cease-fire in Ukraine and make it possible to create humanitarian corridors allowing civilians to leave the war zone.

“We have two tasks,” Sherman said. – One is to support Ukraine with everything we can, and indeed, since the Biden administration started work, we have allocated $1.2 billion in security support to help Ukraine defend itself from this monstrous attack. And the second (task) is to exert enormous pressure on Vladimir Putin in order to try to change his plans, put an end to this war, first of all – to achieve a ceasefire, create humanitarian corridors and end this invasion. This pressure is starting to bring some results. We see some signs of readiness for real, serious negotiations. But I must say… that so far it seems that Vladimir Putin intends to destroy Ukraine. We need to help Ukraine in everything we can.”

After Russia attacked a military base located near the border with Poland, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said he did not believe that the no-fly zone established by NATO over Ukraine could have prevented this.

According to Kirby, although the no-fly zone is good from the point of view of air patrols, the establishment of it by the North Atlantic Alliance would push the United States to war with Russia.

As Kirby noted, speaking on ABC’s This Week program, there is “very little sense” to be found in the escalation of “this war between two nuclear powers.”