Actor Shia LaBeouf, charged with injury and theft, could escape jail. The Hollywood actor has found a way to rehabilitate himself. In June, LaBeouf quarreled with American Tyler Murphy: at first, the men just fought verbally, and then it came to a fight. As a trophy, Labeouf took the cap from Murphy.

Tyler could not stand the insults and went to the police. Later, after the trial, the prosecutor’s office brought LaBeouf a charge under two articles at once. The impulsive actor was threatened with prison, because before that Shaya had been conditionally sentenced for hooliganism and drinking alcohol in a public place, and three years earlier, LaBeouf, being drunk, disrupted a performance in a cabaret.

Now it became known that Labeouf had found an alternative way to improve: every week the actor will visit a psychotherapist – he will teach the celebrity to manage anger. As a control measure, the police will put a tracking bracelet on Shia. In addition, Labeouf will be tested for alcohol.

The next meeting on this case will take place in August, according to EOnline.